What’s a CSB? So glad you asked!  

A Community Supported Bakery is a program where members of our community participate together to receive weekly baked goods. By joining our efforts it allows us to shop, bake, and distribute in larger batches.  The end result is that we get to bake individual items in bulk and each participant of the CSB will receive a variety of unexpected handcrafted deliciousness at an excellent price!  Sessions start throughout the year and run for 12 weeks. 

Our next session starts April 29th. Every other week you pick up your CSB at Schuller's Kitchen on Mondays between 4pm - 7pm.  All items included in the CSB are vegetarian, and sometimes vegan. Each week will feed 2 people and may include products such as artisan breads, pastries, desserts, granola, soup, sweet breads, etc.

What our customers are saying:

“I’m on my second CSB box from Schuller’s and very happy with what I have received. Everything top quality and delicious. Always a nice surprise.” Theresa C.  

“OMG! OMG! OMG! Every other week is now like christmas with my bag 'o baked goods from my favorite community supported bakery! The flavor and crumb of the yeasted corn bread were awesome! And paired well with gruyere and fresh garden tomato. I can't wait to dive into the wild mushroom and potato tart tonight, the lemon poundcake for breakfast and my new neighbors are sure to enjoy their apple raspberry cream cheese crostada. The quality of my life has greatly improved since the inception of this wonderful baked goodery! You rule Lori Fife!” -Heidi N.