Holiday orders open!

This year Schuller's will be making 2 spectacular desserts for your holiday parties and gatherings. Make your holiday special and place your orders now.
First is a Kransekake. This is a wheat-free Scandinavian delight featuring baked sweetened almond flour cookie rings, glazed with icing and stacked to form the shape of a tree.
The second is a Cream Puff Wreath. Individual choux pastry filled with delicious vanilla cream custard and topped with dark chocolate ganache arranged to form a wreath with edible leaves and berries as garnish.

Artisan Bread Workshop

Grab some friends for some fun!

What could be better than knowing how to bake up your own batch of rustic bread or French baguettes?  This hands-on introductory course will teach you the basics of bread making.  During this 3 hour class you will learn how to work with starters to achieve maximum flavor in your breads.  We will make traditional doughs from France and Italy to gain experience with mixing, shaping, proofing, slashing, baking, and steaming.  At the end of the day, you will have learned how to make your own beautiful breads at home.  Class begins at 10:00 and will include a break to sample some of the breads we will be baking.  Class can be purchased here and is limited to 6 students (minimum 4), so get your spot early!